Apple reportedly shops around for batteries for an EV. Charging deserts might keep electric ride-hailing from some urban communities. Electrify America enters home charging. And is Lordstown Motors viable? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

On Tuesday, the EV startup Lordstown Motors filed a notice declaring that it won’t have enough money to produce its Endurance electric trucks, and that it might not have enough cash to be a viable business. That’s a different summary than what was told in the company’s Q1 update last month. 

The long-simmering Apple car project is reportedly shopping for a battery supplier. According to the latest report from Reuters, CATL and BYD are being considered to make what might be a unique battery pack for the electric car in the U.S., perhaps in coordination with the Biden infrastructure push. 

An analysis from the Rocky Mountain Institute suggests that a lack of urban fast-charging stations might leave some of the communities that need cleaner air out of the shift to all-electric ride-hailing for Uber, Lyft, and others. 

Although it’s put the majority of its effort so far into establishing a cross-country fast-charging network, Electrify America is expanding into home charging—with the HomeStation that officially goes on sale this week. 

And over at The Car Connection, the Lexus LS500h will be the first to offer the Teammate driver-assistance system, bound for more Lexus and Toyota models in the future. One of ours got some first impressions of what makes this system different than Super Cruise, Autopilot, and others


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