Alpha Motors shows us how retro-cute EVs can be styled for America. Karma prices the GS-6 plug-in hybrid. Virginia signs on with California standards. And the Toyota Mirai has us thinking about the brand’s upcoming EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Karma has put a price tag on its GS-6 plug-in hybrid arriving soon, and it’s shown a glimpse (under cover) of its next act, an electric and PHEV SUV called the GX-1. 

A recent drive of the 2021 Toyota Mirai has us making some connections between that and, perhaps, the way that Toyota’s upcoming EVs might drive. The Mirai at present is the best-driving sedan it already makes—not a bad place to start. 

Virginia is the next state to adopt EV-boosting California clean car standards; and to throw a spin on this one, it has the unified support of the state’s car dealers. 

We looked at the retro-cute electric car designs from Alpha Motors, including the new Jax, and asked whether, unlike a host of other style-savvy city cars from major automakers, these might make it to market in the U.S.


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