GM challenges Norway, where it used to sell EVs. Tesla shifts to lithium-ion accessory batteries. EV drivers are happiest with wallbox chargers. And will the Apple Car be built in Georgia. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A new GM ad starring Will Ferrell—and the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV—challenges Norway, which dramatically outsells the U.S. in electric vehicles per capita. The awkward aside is that GM used to sell EVs in Norway and Europe but decided to pull the plug. 

The Apple Car project, long in gestation and due to be all-electric with some measure of autonomous-driving capability, is reportedly homing in on a deal with Hyundai, its Kia brand, and Kia’s plant in Georgia.

J.D. Power studied EV drivers who charge at home, and found that satisfaction is much higher with wallbox-type Level 2 chargers versus mobile cords—whether they’re 240V or not. Tesla wallboxes rule, and another takeaway is that wifi issues get in the way of charging far too often. 

The Tesla Model S and Model X are adopting a lithium-ion accessory battery (still 12V) with the revamped versions that arrive soon. They’re certainly not the first to do this—props to Hyundai, which started that shift four years ago on its Ioniq—but it’s good to see Elon Musk prioritizing this. 


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