Subaru has given its plug-in hybrid a refresh for 2021. Rimac shows us how it tests for electromagnetic compatibility. And we run through why some models didn’t make our Best Car To Buy shortlist. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

After announcing our finalists for Best Car To Buy 2021 earlier this week, today we looked into why several models we’d expected to see on the list didn’t make the cut. At least in some of these cases, it’s why nothing seems normal right now. 

Electric vehicles—especially very powerful electric vehicles—need to be tested for electromagnetic emissions, and the Croatian automaker Rimac just gave us a glimpse of how they test for it—with its upcoming C_Two supercar. While it might not be a health concern, it most definitely is a concern for safety and making sure all the tech works. 

The Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid is back for the 2021 model year with a mild restyle and improved ride and handling. But there are no changes to its unique powertrain, which pairs a Subaru flat-4 engine and mechanical all-wheel drive to a version of Toyota’s hybrid system—for 17 miles of all-electric plug-in range and 35 mpg after that as a hybrid.

At The Car Connection: The mammoth Chevrolet Tahoe, in diesel form, has been EPA-rated at 28 mpg highway. 

And over at Motor Authority: Japan is reportedly planning to phase out non-electrified vehicles by the mid-2030s. That follows similar bans for the UK and California.


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