Ford is betting on commercial vehicles, affordability, and supporting a new business model as it goes electric. Aston Martin plans to electrify up to 20% of its lineup in the next few years. And Volvo is keeping motor development in-house. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Volvo is planning to develop its own motors for electric vehicles—along with all the other propulsion pieces—in Sweden and in China, so that it might keep boosting efficiency. 

Ford is betting on commercial electric vehicles and the affordability side of EVs. Although it might not be as glamorous as a $100k+ exclusive electric off-roader, Ford plans to take its iconic models electric—starting with the Mustang Mach-E, then the F-150 pickup and Transit vans—and make a “digital kind of service model” for the whole EV ecosystem.

Through a deal made last week, Aston Martin will be able to access Mercedes-Benz tech to electrify 20% of its fleet by 2024. Although most of those will be some form of hybrid, the company could have an all-electric model built on Mercedes’ premium electric platform by the middle of the decade. 

And over at Motor Authority: There’s still a battery-electric version of the BMW 3-Series sport sedan under development, and there are some photos of it testing—and it could use the i3 badge. 


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