An official standard for wireless charging could lead to a sea change in how people see EVs. A site enabled by the VW diesel settlement is ready to help find the right charger and claim all the incentives. And battery tech on the way next year will put long range into a wider array of models. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

With the announcement of a new SAE standard, wireless electric vehicle charging soon might get a long-overdue boost in use. Could going wireless help shed some of the image attached to bulky charge cords and turn more people on to EVs?

The battery supplier SK Innovation announced yesterday that cells arriving to the market as soon as next year will allow EVs to be able to easily cover 500 miles with just two 10-minute fast-charges en route. The battery supplier is currently preparing a huge, two-plant manufacturing complex in Georgia. 

Thanks to Electrify America and the VW diesel settlement, a new one-stop, market-neutral website will help connect electric-vehicle shoppers with what they need to buy and install a home charger—including, most notably, all the national, state, or local incentives that might apply.

And over at The Car Connection: Where are the affordable electric pickup trucks? See an updated list of what’s on the way—and the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 starting price of $112,595 doesn’t exactly qualify as affordable.


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