Electrify America—the charging network created as part of Volkswagen's diesel emissions settlement—and electric-car advocacy group Veloz are launching a one-stop information source for home charging.

The two entities on Thursday announced an online tool, called Home Charging Advisor, that allows shoppers to browse available Level 2 charging equipment, and highlights any purchase incentives they might qualify for.

Electrify America is sponsoring Home Charging Advisor as part of its Cycle 2 investment program for California, and the non-profit organization Veloz is hosting the tool on its Electric For All website on behalf of Electrify America. Veloz appears to have overdelivered, though. The service, as we noticed in testing out some zip codes, is nationwide and should be a good resource to any U.S. shoppers, not just Californians.

According to Lisa Chiladakis, Veloz manager of technology and programs, that was part of the eventual plan, but because they had the data it's included from the start in the site's launch.

The online tool allows shoppers to browse Level 2 home charging stations, sorting by categories such as charging speed, cord length, WiFi capability, and brand name. Direct links to purchase home charging stations are included.

Electrify America Electric Vehicle Home Charger

Electrify America Electric Vehicle Home Charger

Shoppers can also look up any available purchase incentives using their zip code. An additional feature—launching in early 2021—will allow shoppers to apply for incentives with a single online form, a Veloz press release said.

With models rapidly evolving and the most common socket different than it was some years ago, a dynamic site like this is one of the best starting points for anyone looking to buy an electric-car charging station.

Many automakers are helping buyers find charging stations, while Audi, Ford, and Kia are using Amazon Home Services to coordinate local electricians to install them for customers, taking some of the hassle out of the process.

However, clarity on incentives hasn't been as well coordinated by automakers, and generally speaking, dealerships haven't stepped up to be those connectors. The Home Charging Advisor online looks like it could fill that gap—thanks to the VW diesel settlement.