Amazon shows the electric truck that’s delivering to neighborhoods around the U.S. Ownership-cost advantages for EVs are greater for SUVs and pickups. And Toyota broadens the RAV4 Hybrid lineup to help make hybrids the norm. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

The retail and logistics giant Amazon has revealed the look of the Amazon-branded electric delivery vans it will use starting in 2021, designed and built by EV maker Rivian. By 2022, 10,000 of them are due to be on the road, with 100,000 expected by 2030.

A Consumer Reports study finds that the ownership-cost advantages of electric vehicles are even stronger for larger vehicles, and the longer you keep a vehicle. After seven years of ownership, an electric pickup will save its owner nearly $9,000 versus a gasoline one, the study projects.

Toyota has again expanded its lineup of RAV4 Hybrid models for 2021—cementing the idea that, at just $1,050 more than a comparable non-hybrid RAV4, it’s making hybrids the norm. 

And over at The Car Connection: Check out the newly posted full review of the 2021 Lexus ES sedan lineup. The ES 300h hybrid and its plush interior and 44-mpg combined rating would be the pick of the lineup.


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