The Trump EPA’s gas mileage and emissions regulations are under review. Hyundai aims to boost EV production. And is the eBussy the reconstituted VW Bus you really wanted? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Hyundai is reportedly looking at increasing electric vehicle production in South Korea—after the Tesla Model 3 recently pulled ahead of the Kona Electric in sales.

The EPA inspector general announced Monday that it would review the rule-making process behind the Trump administration’s relaxed emissions and fuel economy regulations revealed in final form in March. It’s a rare move and indicates it will check on the motivations behind a hasty move from the EPA that contradicted earlier findings.

If you take a Honda Fit, a Japanese kei car, and the original VW Type 2 Microbus and design it for a modular electric future, you’ll get something that a German company decided to call the eBussy. Although the name might need a redo, does the idea have some merit?

And over at Motor Authority, the Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid, driven recently in Germany, fits right into Porsche’s new strategy of having its plug-in hybrids be better cheerleaders for electric propulsion.


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