BMW is reportedly considering an all-electric M5 sport sedan. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid gets recalled—and no, not yet for that fuel-tank issue. And once-promising electric car-sharing service has reached the end of the road. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The car-sharing service that originally launched at BlueIndy is no more, and it’s reportedly sending some of its Bollore BlueCar electric cars to the crusher. It sounds like many of the EV chargers sited and built for the project won’t survive there, either. 

Should the BMW M5 go all-electric? According to one report, it’s sounding increasingly like taking the exclusive internal-combustion engine out of the brand’s top-performance sport is its future. 

Toyota is recalling some 2019-2020 RAV4 Hybrid models (and non-hybrid RAV4s) for a manufacturing issue that potentially affects the front suspension. 

And over at our partner site Motor Authority: The future of Nissan’s Infiniti brand again looks in flux. Under a cost-cutting survival plan, the brand reportedly is seeking a “Nissan-plus” strategy now, more components borrowed directly from Nissan models. What that means for Infiniti’s upcoming EVs and series hybrids and its intended climb more upscale...well, we’ll have to check back.


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