Energy demand and oil prices have been in a nosedive, and that could be a good thing for renewable energy. Two tech companies with range-anxiety-soothing ideas have been nudged to the next level by investors. And why did sales sink so dramatically for the two top-selling electrified vehicles in the U.S. leading into the pandemic? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Global energy demand could fall by 6% this year, versus last year. Could the sudden plunge in demand for oil—and the market crash for the value of crude oil on the world markets—factor into a win for renewable energy?

The Tesla Model 3 and Toyota RAV4 are the top-selling electric car and hybrid on the market, respectively, and yet they suffered the greatest sales drop in the weeks leading into the pandemic shutdown, according to a new study. Does this signal any new norm for the green-car market?

When charging infrastructure you’ve been counting on isn’t actually running—or when you need to venture where the infrastructure isn’t—what’s the plan? Two good ideas in mobile charging, SparkCharge and FreeWire, recently announced new rounds of funding, so there’s evidence investors and industry understand this important point. 

And the MW Motors Luka EV, from the Czech Republic, boasts the combination of original retro-classic style combined with modern electric-car propulsion. For now, because of federal regulations, Americans will have to get their retro-kicks with EV conversions of older vehicles, however.


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