The most widely available version of the Porsche Taycan is being delivered. Byton plans ahead with a home-charging partnership. And companies are already anticipating cuts to R&D based on this year’s downturn. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Byton has partnered with Qmerit for home charge-point installation. With Electrify America’s partnership with Qmerit, and Byton’s partnership with Electrify America for two years of unlimited 30-minute EA charges, it completes some kind of virtuous circle. 

The most affordable yet of the Porsche Taycan variants, the Taycan 4S, is getting delivered starting today. It earns the best EPA range ratings of any Taycan—but don’t get your hopes up too much. 

A new survey finds that carmakers and suppliers are already anticipating they’ll make cuts to spending on R&D for electric vehicles and autonomous-driving tech. Will that just give Tesla an even greater lead?

And over at The Car Connection: a study funded primarily by the insurance industry recently found that modern collision-avoidance features really work. Automatic emergency braking, in particular, is dramatically reducing claims. 


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