Subaru is planning a big shift toward hybrids and electric cars. VW’s targets seem far off, according to one analysis. And Tesla cries foul about unintended-acceleration claims. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

As Volkswagen’s CEO presses for more urgency in the company’s shift toward electric cars, a new analysis suggests that VW might have trouble meeting its EV targets for later this decade.

Subaru is aiming for dramatic CO2 cuts across its vehicle fleet and company operations, and by the mid 2030s all Subarus will be hybrids or EVs

Tesla has pushed back against unintended-acceleration claims and a case that is seeking attention from NHTSA. The carmaker insists there is no flaw in the vehicles, and that the claims originate from a profit-seeking Tesla short-seller.

Over at Motor Authority, find out what’s happening behind the scenes at America’s best car show—that’s Dream Car Week on “The Price is RIght.” Hint: There are many more electric cars than you might expect.


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