Not to be left out of the tempest of EV news surrounding the Los Angeles Auto Show, reincarnated EV hopeful Karma showed off its new high-performance, longer-range Revero GTS last week, with a sticker price of $149,950—less than $15,000 more than the GT.

The Revero GTS doesn't push the existing GT formula too much farther, but it is the quickest Karma model built to date, and now offers torque vectoring for improved handling. 

"The Karma Revero GTS is a special continuation of the success of our definitive luxury electric Revero GT," said Karma CEO, Dr Lance Zhou, in the GTS announcement.

"The GTS offers enhanced performance for the driving enthusiast, adding diversity to our growing product range. All our vehicles are hand-built in our $100-million-dollar Karma Innovation and Customization Center here in Southern California, providing customers with the ultimate in personalization and customization," Zhou added.

Like the GT, the GTS is powered by two 175-kilowatt (235-horsepower) motors backed up by a BMW-sourced, 3-cylinder inline turbocharged engine for a total of 536 horsepower and 635 pound-feet of torque. As with the GT, the Revero gets a battery boost this year, from 21 kilowatt-hours to 28 kwh. 

Despite equal power, the GTS gets to 60 mph more than half a second quicker than the GT, cracking it off in just 3.9 seconds. Karma re-valved the shocks for the GTS for a sportier ride, and both the GT and GTS are now equipped with launch control to get the cars off the line more quickly. 
Karma told us that the GTS would drop just 2 miles of range versus the GT's 63 miles, but efficiency and range numbers for the GTS haven't yet been posted by the EPA.
The Revero GTS boasts carbon fiber trim inside and out, both for sportier looks and reduced weight. The GTS is available for pre-order now.