Lexus reveals its vision of an electric car in the year 2030, and announces it will unveil its first fully electric car next month. The i3 is due for another range boost. And we get a glimpse of Nissan’s first fully electric crossover. This and more today at Green Car Reports. 

We’ve waited years for this. Nissan’s long-overdue electric crossover, originally to be built on the Leaf architecture and then moved to a completely new dedicated electric-vehicle platform, has been revealed in concept form, as the Ariya Concept—with CHAdeMO port intact. And it looks quite production-bound. 

The Lexus LF-30 Electrified concept, revealed at Tokyo, shows the luxury brand’s vision for electric in the year 2030, in a Tesla Model X–sized crossover. It includes in-wheel motors, steering by wire, an augmented-reality and gesture-control interface and some self-driving features—but Lexus emphasizes that it will still be thrilling to drive. 

The Toyota luxury brand also confirmed its first electric car for a November intro, with a plug-in hybrid to bow soon after. Stay tuned on what exactly that it, but we’re betting on an electric version of a form factor that’s already around—like the Lexus UX. 

And the BMW i3 is definitely not dead yet. Even as BMW pivots toward EVs that look more conventional, the i3 is due to get another range boost in the near future to help keep it fresh. 



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