It’s a morning of returns. The British brand Morris is back with an all-electric, carbon-fiber vehicle. The Aptera three-wheeled car is back with in-wheel motor tech. And Tesla has returned to Germany’s Nürburgring. A reconstituted Toyota concept points to future tech for Lexus, and Bosch borrows from airbag technology for a battery-safety innovation. This and more today at Green Car Reports. 

The rebooted Aptera, which aims to bring its reconstituted 1,000-mile three-wheeler to market, has revealed that it will feature in-wheel motor technology

Some electric vehicles are already employing a Bosch battery-safety system relying on pyrotechnic technology—related to what detonates airbags—to help isolate cells and prevent thermal runaway after a crash. 

Morris may be coming back. A new company called Morris Commercial aims to revive the name, and some of the heritage of the J-type van once popular in Europe, in a modern all-electric van that has carbon-fiber construction and rides on a lightweight chassis.  

One of Toyota’s cars for the upcoming Tokyo auto show, the LQ concept, looks far out in the future, yet it’s packed with in-cabin tech that looks bound for vehicles soon—and hints of an upcoming Lexus luxury vehicle, perhaps. 

Tesla has returned to Germany’s famous Nürburgring, with updated prototypes that could more closely resemble what’s coming for the Model S Plaid expected next year. Tesla has also promised the three-motor Plaid powertrain for the Model X and second-generation Roadster.


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