ChargePoint and Electrify America aim to sell EV owners connected charge points for at home. Nissan has revealed a very small electric-car concept for Tokyo. And will $4-a-gallon gas put some life in plug-in hybrid sales? This and more, today at Green Car Reports

We consider whether gas prices in California, which are approaching the $4 due to several supply factors, will give a boost to sales of plug-in hybrids and hybrids, which have been lagging for some time. 

Electrify America and ChargePoint have both recently revealed connected home charge points that share the app and data interface of the rest of their connected services. It could help keep more owners in their respective ecosystems, and make the technology more accessible. 

Nissan has revealed a concept car for the upcoming Tokyo show, coming later this month. The Nissan IMk concept is an electric minicar that looks aimed at Japan and Europe but takes the automaker’s longtime “IM” series of mobility and electrification concepts in a new design direction. 

And this weekend, the inaugural Mille Miglia Green—an event based on the famed long-distance race in Italy—will include a number of hybrid and electric vehicles, including the new Volkswagen e-Up!


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