Hydrogen remains in short supply in Northern California. Ford is tackling EV misconceptions. And we see how Taycan compares to Tesla. All this and more at Green Car Reports.

Months later, a hydrogen-storage explosion continues to leave many Bay Area fuel-cell drivers out of fuel.

Ford is aiming to tackle electric-vehicle misconceptions with a new advertising and marketing push, in leading up to the arrival of its new electric vehicles next year. 

We think the Porsche Taycan ended up in a space where it’s not a direct rival to the Tesla Model S. But we compared the two because they’re still very close in some respects. 

And we bring you 6 more Porsche Taycan tech tidbits you probably didn’t hear about in yesterday’s barrage of coverage—including that, for instance, the Taycan runs as a front-wheel-drive car sometimes. 

Fiat is discontinuing the entire Fiat 500 lineup, and that includes the fully electric 500e. A replacement lineup—which may be partly or entirely electric—is due next year, but the company hasn’t yet confirmed it will be headed to the U.S.