It’s time for electric school buses to take to the streets. Volkswagen is settling up with owners over misstating fuel economy numbers. And a survey confirms that Americans do indeed want better mileage. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

For a vast swath of the U.S., it’s back-to-school day. And while the big yellow school buses aren’t looking any different, they’re reaching a cleaner-emissions electric turning point

Volkswagen is being ordered by the EPA to revise its fuel economy estimates for about 98,000 vehicles—over a transmission programmed to shift differently when being run through an emissions test. And in a separate settlement, VW is paying drivers of affected Bentley, Porsche, Audi, and VW brand vehicles a combined $97 million for the issue. 

A Consumer Reports survey released last week underscored the unpopularity of the federal government’s mpg rollback. In a nationally representative survey, it found that 88 percent of Americans agree “automakers should continue to improve fuel economy for all vehicle types.”

Porsche has teased its fully electric Taycan once more—this time on the deck of an aircraft carrier, where it managed 0-90-0 mph on the bumpy surface, with room to spare. 

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf family may be missing its basic versions—and the high-performance GTI and R versions might be the only ones we might get in the U.S. That leaves a gap with the departure of the e-Golf, as its replacement, the ID 3, isn’t bound for the U.S.

And remember when the greenest cars were the cheapest cars? The 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage review has been updated for a new model year over at The Car Connection, and this little hatchback or sedan remains the epitome of no frills.


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