Nissan issues a software update for Leaf batteries. High electric rates might be holding EVs back in the Northeast. GM could be working on an electric version of one of its thirstiest SUVs. And in our latest Twitter poll, our readers come out in favor of cars with solar panels. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

In response to "Rapidgate" charging complaints, Nissan has agreed to update the Nissan Leaf's software to allow multiple fast charge sessions on a trip in the U.S. If owners want the update, they have to visit a dealership.

As Northeastern states push to get more electric cars sold there, high electric rates could be holding them back.

A recent report suggests that Cadillac is working on an electric Escalade.

Our readers want solar power wherever they can get it, whether it's on their roofs or on their cars, according to our latest Twitter poll. .

Ousted former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who is awaiting trial in Japan on charges of financial misdealing, has sued Nissan and its partner Mitsubishi, alleging that they fired him improperly

Finally, Honda is the latest automaker to allow Amazon to deliver packages to your car with a special electronic key.


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