In its march toward developing self-driving cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month that he thinks a self-driving car will be "several time more valuable" than a human-driven car.

Musk announced Tesla's intent to create a fleet of fully self-driving robo-taxis, in which people might use their self-driving cars as a business venture to run around as autonomous taxis while their owners aren't using them. The company surmises that profits from that business will add to the value of the cars.

With all that in mind, we thought we'd ask our own readers how much extra they'd be willing to pay for a car that drives itself.

Our Twitter poll last week asked, "How much extra would you pay for a truly self-driving car?"

Relatively few our respondents agreed with Musk that they'd pay a multiple of the price of the car for one that drives itself. Only 17 percent said they'd pay double the price.

Most did say they'd pay something extra, though. The largest number, amounting to 32 percent, named Tesla's current price for the potential feature of $6,000. Another 21 percent thought the capability is worth only half that amount, $3,000, which is what the option used to cost on top of the $3,000 to $5,000 charge for basic Autopilot, which is now standard. 

The second largest group of respondents, 30 percent, found the self-driving feature worthless, choosing "Nothing." Choice comments we received noted that running a taxi service, with its needs to clean the car, for example, is not for the faint of heart—and not why most people buy cars.

Or, maybe they're just grumpy because Full Self-Driving isn't yet "feature complete."

Either way, remember that our Twitter polls are unscientific, because they get too few responses for a nationally representative sample, and because, even among our audience of Tesla owners, the respondents are self-selected.