Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back with ads for electric cars. BMW joins the electric-motorcycle ride. The EPA's architect of clean-air rule rollbacks has resigned. And lobbying battles are heating up between automakers and the oil industry. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Lobbying has intensified around a proposal to extend federal tax credits for electric cars—in the face of credits expiring for America's two largest EV makers—and it's pitting longtime allies in the oil and auto industries against each other.

The EPA's chief architect behind efforts to roll back emissions rules from cars and powerplants has resigned.

In the latest ads to promote EVs from non-profit Veloz, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoofs a used car dealer hawking a pollution-spewing Hummer.

BMW released an electric concept motorcycle that shows its intent to move away from tailpipes extends beyond just cars.

Just as self-driving startup was preparing to close up shop, Apple scooped up the company as part of its efforts to develop a self-driving car.

Finally, European countries are issuing new driving restrictions in response to an unprecedented heat wave. Paris has banned older cars from the city to reduce pollution, and Germany has imposed speed limits on sections of Autobahn to prevent the asphalt from cracking.


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