Smart will no longer sell cars in the U.S. Faraday Future announced two new investments that could keep it afloat long enough to build its long-awaited FF91. And the EPA is warning others to prepare for climate change—as it maintains it's not really an issue yet. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Just a year after converting Smart into an all-electric brand, parent company Daimler announced it would quit selling the tiny two-seaters in the U.S. Smart will focus instead on sales in China and other parts of the world. 

Faraday may have a Future after all. The startup electric automaker announced that it received enough new funding to allow it to continue on the road to producing its FF91 luxury electric car as well as continue developing its more affordable FF81. Now if only it can get some of the automotive engineering talent back that it lost in its last financial meltdown.

Statements from its administrator to the contrary, the EPA said in a new report that communities need to prepare for the effects of global warming by budgeting to dispose of debris from more natural disasters.

Our latest Twitter poll asks readers, if they bought a new EV in 2018, how much of the federal tax credit materialized in their refunds. Many have told us their results were disappointing.

Jaguar Land Rover plans to pay drivers who use their cars to report traffic jams and potholes. Payments will come in cryptocurrency.

Finally, odometer rollbacks are a bigger problem than ever.


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