The Shanghai auto show was full of new plug-in vehicles to meet that country's coming demand for electric cars.

Two new plug-in models from mainstream automakers included the all-electric Honda X-NV SUV and the Kia K3 plug-in hybrid. While both of these models have U.S. counterparts—the Honda HR-V and Kia Forte—it's not likely we'll see either model in the U.S.

The Dongfeng Honda X-NV is an all-electric SUV based on the HR-V and expected to go on sale in China in the latter half of the year. It is a parallel model to the GAC Honda Everus VE-1, another HR-V-based electric SUV the company showed at Shanghai last year.

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The company did not release any more detailed specs on the X-NV, such as range or battery size, but did say its battery cells will be supplied by CATL. The Everus VE-1 went on sale last year and has a range of about 210 miles. 

Dongfeng Honda X-NV Concept

Dongfeng Honda X-NV Concept

Honda also announced a new hybrid version of the Odyssey minivan for the Chinese market, as well as a new pair of V-GO electric two-wheelers, a motorcycle and a scooter.

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The company says it plans to introduce 20 new plug-in models in China by 2025, starting in 2020.

Kia K3 Plug-in hybrid

At the Shanghai show, Kia also introduced a new K3 sedan along with a plug-in hybrid version. The K3 is the Chinese equivalent of the U.S. Kia Forte. Kia sells a plug-in hybrid version of the Optima in the U.S., but not the Forte, which was updated last year.

Kia released no details of the K3 plug-in hybrid, but the plug-in hybrids it sells in the U.S., the larger Optima Plug-In Hybrid and the Niro Plug-in Hybrid, carry EPA electric range ratings of 29 and 26 miles, respectively.