Now that Tesla has opened orders for Dual Motor all-wheel-drive and Performance versions of the Model 3, lots of Green Car Reports readers waiting to order those models can see light at the end of the tunnel. 

That made us curious how many of you were holding out for those high-zoot Model 3s, which ones you favored, how many were satisfied with the standard model that Tesla has been building up to now, and how many are still holding out for other versions of the Model 3, such as those with the short-range battery pack. We thought we'd ask our Twitter followers that question this week.

The fully loaded Performance Model 3 is reported to cost $78,000 without Autopilot, so these models will be far from the $35,000 "mass market" electric car that CEO Elon Musk had promised with the Model 3. Still, they run about $30,000 to $45,000 less than a comparably equipped Model S.

The all-wheel-drive models, including the Performance version reportedly include air suspension.

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Even if you haven't ordered a Model 3 or made plans to clear out your bank account to do so, we'd love to know what version floats your boat when you imagine the latest icon of electric driving in your garage.

As always, remember that our Twitter polls are not scientific, because respondents are self selected and because the sample size is small. When we report our results next week, it likely won't reflect Tesla's actual order bank for those reasons.

Maybe we can keep our own Tesla Model 3 dream order bank for comparison and see how close Tesla comes.