A Volvo/Harris poll reveals that three quarters of Americans see electric cars as the future—and they might buy one if more chargers were available. Porsche announced that its next Macan small SUV won't offer a gas engine. Our Twitter poll has some suggestions for other names for an upcoming high-performance SUV from Ford. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Porsche revealed on Monday that the entire next generation of the Macan, due out in 2022, will be based on the company's PPE premium electric platform—which doesn't allow for a gas engine.

A new patent filing from Rivian shows that its new electric pickup could offer an auxiliary battery that fits in the pickup bed and could give the truck even more than 400 miles of range.

A new poll released by Volvo shows that more public charging is the biggest need for electric cars, and has some other good suggestions for how to make them work for more people. It also shows that 61 percent of electric car drivers say public charging is unreliable.

Our latest Twitter poll has some suggestions for futuristic electric names from Ford's past that the company could use for its future electric SUV.

After a lot of speculation and discussions about Ford's partnership with VW, tied a second knot: VW will invest $1.7 billion in Ford's Argo AI self-driving subsidiary. The companies have talked about an electric-car tie-up, but so far the two are pursuing their own, separate programs.

Finally, French automaker Peugeot plans a return to the U.S., along with a range of electric, plug-in, and hybrid models.


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