With final sales reports out from the whole auto industry, we built some context around Tesla's end-of-the-year sales numbers. The Model 3 is setting the pace among luxury cars. Volkswagen buys wireless tech from Volvo. Harley-Davidson announces pricing and a date for buyers interested in purchasing its LiveWire electric motorcycle. And our readers are sanguine about falling electric-car tax credits in our latest Twitter poll. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The Tesla Model 3 outsold every direct competitor and most competing brands in the fourth quarter. Annual numbers reflect the model's slow production ramp-up early in the year.

Volkswagen bought a wireless vehicle connectivity subsidiary from Volvo in an effort to bring over-the-air updates to its cars.

Harley-Davidson aims to win its freedom-loving bikers over to electric power with its new LiveWire electric motorcycle. The company has now revealed more specs, as well as when it will go on sale and how much it will cost.

Our Twitter followers weigh in on what effect they think the reduction in tax credits will have on GM and Tesla vehicles in 2019.

Toyota reveals its first self-driving vehicle technology at the CES show in Las Vegas. The company says it doesn't replace human control, however, only amplifies it.

Finally, just in time for the roll-out of the electric Audi e-tron quattro SUV, Audi announced it will end European delivery for its U.S. customers.


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