Electric SUVs and pickups could be just the thing for those who tow. Lexus trademarks a name for a possible upcoming electric SUV. ChargePoint signs another sharing agreement, this time with the Greenlots network. And our Twitter poll asks what readers' hopes are for electric cars in the New Year. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

People who two have been committed to big V-8 gas and diesel engines for their power and torque, but electric motors could deliver even better performance for towing—provided there are enough charging stations along the way.

Lexus trademarked a new name in Europe, the UX 300e in Europe, which could hint at the company's plans for a new electric small crossover vehicle. It's not clear whether the new model could come to the U.S.

ChargePoint, the largest network of public chargers for electric cars, has signed an agreement to let its Greenlots users share its locations with simple payments and easy access to charging and usage information.

We ask our Twitter users what their hopes are for progress in electric cars in 2019 in our new Twitter poll, from new models, to more chargers, to renewed tax credits.

In a new effort to promote green transportation of the two-wheeled variety, Denver police are handing out $5 gift cards to drivers who park without blocking bike lanes.

Finally, one of Tesla's senior designers departed to return to Apple, giving rise to renewed rumors that the computer company could be back to working on its own self-driving car.


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