If this Thanksgiving season proved anything, it is that our Twitter followers are a grateful group.

In what often seemed a year of bad news for green cars, at least from the standpoint of U.S. domestic policy, we found several individual developments to be grateful for.

Most notably, there was the mass-market introduction of the Tesla Model 3, perhaps the most highly-anticipated electric-car debut in history, with more than 400,000 advanced deposits. According to a recent interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it almost didn't make it. (Musk told CNBC on Sunday that the company had only "single-digit weeks" to survive by getting the Model 3 up to speed.)

Now that Model 3 production is up to speed (at least mostly), Tesla looks set to survive at least for a while.

The Model 3 also isn't the only new electric car on the way. Competitors are arriving from Jaguar and soon Audi and Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, and Kia, Nissan, Volkswagen, and more.

News was also positive when it came to clean power, with reports showing that building new renewables power became cheaper than operating old coal plants for the first time, and that U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide went down despite the Trump administration's efforts to eliminate climate programs that President Obama put in place.

For the first time in recent memory, the highest percentage of our Twitter followers (34 percent) chose all of the above (or "other") as reasons to be grateful at Thanksgiving.

Other electric cars were close behind, with the Tesla Model 3 garnering 30 percent of our votes, and other competitors collectively following at 27 percent.

Clean power got 9 percent of our votes on its own, not counting those who included it by choosing all of the above.

We also included "Other," in the "all of the above" category. Among the other developments that readers mentioned in our comments are all kinds of electric vehicles, from e-bikes to trucks, the upcoming Hyundai Kona electric specifically, and an increase in charging locations.

We're also grateful for the progress being made on all of these fronts, and for the reminder that Thanksgiving affords for us to reflect on progress.