Tesla Model 3s will get Combo charge ports in Europe. California electric-car drivers should look for new purple carpool stickers in January. Panasonic isn't buying solid-state battery hype. And Tesla's results show the effectiveness of carrots over sticks. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla has begun opening up orders for the Model 3 in Europe, and the company revealed that they will include CCS Combo charge ports on European cars. Tesla is upgrading its Superchargers on the Continent to accommodate both plugs.

California has revealed new purple clean-air stickers for next year that will give electric-car drivers an extra year—until January 2023—to use the state's carpool lanes without a passenger.

Panasonic's U.S. CEO says he doesn't expect solid-state lithium batteries to make it into electric cars for 10 more years, despite earlier announcements by several automakers that they plan to have the new batteries before that.

We look at Tesla's latest awards and sales numbers from a historical perspective that suggests the company's approach of enticing buyers with stylish, high-performance luxury cars may be more successful than regulatory efforts to push buyers into affordable electric cars.

Cadillac abandoned selling the plug-in hybrid version of its CT6 luxury sedan in the United States for 2019. GM has not had success charging a premium for hybrids sold through its luxury brands, selling only a few thousand of the previous Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid.

Finally, car sharing services Uber and Lyft have rolled out airline-style rewards programs to spur riders to rely more heavily on the services.


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