Tesla's new Navigate on Autopilot gets its first test. A new study links summer's wacky weather to climate change. We consider which electric car is the Best Car To Buy for 2019. And we ask you to weigh in. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Consumer Reports gives Tesla's latest self-driving feature, called Navigate on Autopilot, its first test. It found the on-ramp to off-ramp system works well enough in simple situations—but has poor judgment, like a teenage driver when things get more difficult.

A constant string of devastating hurricanes, droughts, and tornadoes seems like bad news for the planet. Yet scientists have been unable to link individual storms to climate change. Now a new study of the jet stream shows how warming temperatures in the Arctic are causing increasing numbers of devastating and lasting disasters.

Green Car Reports introduces our Best Car To Buy contenders for 2019. All are electric—including, finally, the Tesla Model 3.

As we tally the results of our own Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy competition, our Twitter poll this week asks readers to weigh in with their own choices.

Jaguar Land Rover has developed new technology that it says can limit motion sickness in its cars. The system monitors occupants' biometric data to sense impending motion sickness and adjusts the car's ride settings to minimize it.

Finally, ride sharing service Lyft is offering half-off rides to polling places for tomorrow's mid-term elections, and free rides in under-served communities. Riders will need a voucher, and the service includes a system to help voters find their polling place.


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