The 2019 Honda Insight hybrid hasn't been on sale for long; and yet Honda is already recalling more than 6,000 of them for a rearview camera failure.

The problem affects another 226,000 vehicles—2018 Accord models, possibly including some Accord Hybrids.

2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight

The screen may show up blank, with only lane guidance lines appearing under certain conditions.

The recall addresses other flaky behavior with the touchscreen, which also serves as the display for the rearview camera:

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- Sometimes the screen will freeze in incoming call mode after the driver turns off the car and will still be displayed the next time it is restarted. 

- The navigation screen may crash or freeze when rerouting or adding a destination using voice recognition.

- The screen will go blank when shifting into Park.

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The fix for the rearview camera software will remedy all these problems, Honda said in a statement accompanying the recall.

Dealers received new software to fix the problem in early September, and the repair doesn't require any new parts, so owners should be able to make an appointment to have their cars repaired. Honda says it will update cars' radio software via the USB port to alleviate the problem. 

Since rearview cameras are now required safety equipment for new passenger vehicles in the U.S., the malfunctioning cameras violate federal law and must be recalled.