Lucid owners will get prepaid access to Electrify America's growing number of fast-charging stations when their cars arrive sometime after 2020, both companies announced Tuesday.

Electrify America didn't provide details about the program for Lucid owners, including how much charging owners would have access to, whether it would be available via subscription plan, or if the access would be provided in the cost of the car. A spokesperson for Lucid didn't immediately answer questions about the program.

According to Electrify America spokesman Mike Moran, the charging network may have other partnerships with more automakers in the future.

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Electrify America is a subsidiary of VW, and was started as part of the automaker's wide-reaching diesel-cheating scandal, but has recently made efforts to reach other electric carmakers. Electrify America said that by the middle of next year it will offer nearly 2,000 fast-chargers at more than 500 locations across the country, including 350-kw ultra-fast chargers. 

The announced deal may be another jab by Lucid at its chief rival, Tesla.

Tesla's network of Superchargers includes more than 11,000 chargers at more than 1,300 locations, worldwide. Tesla said that 99 percent of the U.S. lives within 150 miles of one of its Superchargers.

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The Tesla Model S and Model X included free charging for life for many owners, although that program didn't continue with the Model 3. Tesla has offered free charging for Model 3 referrals recently, but it's not clear when that could return.

Lucid recently announced that the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia invested $1 billion into the company, after Tesla hinted that the fund could bankroll a massive bid to go private.

The Lucid Air sedan may be a rival for the Tesla Model S when it arrives sometime after 2020. Lucid's Chief Technology Officer Peter Rawlinson was a former vice president at Tesla and chief engineer for the Model S.