Kids are getting ready to go back to school and many will need wheels.

Yet many environmentally conscious youngsters—and parents—may no longer accept a gas-burning machine, or at least not one that has to burn gas everywhere it goes.

Last week, we suggested seven plug-in cars that would make great back-to-school rides.

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This week, we thought we'd ask our Twitter followers for their choices in our latest Twitter poll question:

What's the best green car for kids to take back to school?

We tried to skew our list of options to those that our readers seem most likely to choose: plug-in cars with the longest ranges.

A lot of our Twitter followers drive Teslas, and a lot of parents hand down the family car to their kids, so we started our list with a used Tesla Model S.

The next logical choice based on range is the Chevy Bolt EV. Its 238-mile range is second only to Tesla models.

For those who have longer trips back and forth or are just not ready to give up the security of a gas backup, we included the Chevy Volt, an "extended-range electric vehicle" with the longest range of any plug-in hybrid on the market.

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Finally, we included the ubiquitous Nissan Leaf. They're easy to find, and affordable. New ones have a pretty long range at 151 miles and offer Nissan's Pro-Pilot Assist self driving system to help keep inexperienced drivers on the road.

We're sure our Twitter followers have other ideas to add, but with 48 different plug-in models on the market, they won't all fit in a Twitter poll. We'll look for other suggestions in the comments.

Remember, too, that there are no scientific conclusions to be drawn from our Twitter polls, because their sample size is too low, and respondents are self=selected.