Add one more to the ranks of boutique luxury electric carmakers.

The latest, Gyon, comes from Asia as an offshoot of from the Sitech luxury division of one of FAW Group, one China's largest automakers.

The brand said Wednesday that it will debut its latest model in Los Angeles on August 8. Presenting the Gyon concept will be Sitech CEO Jacky Xian and COO Joe Chao.

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A concept drawing the company released looks like the car will be a large sedan with coupe-like proportions.

Gyon is working with California custom body company Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters to hand-build the custom electric car. 

Gaffoglio has built custom cars for Hollywood, auto shows, and amusement park rides.

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Gyon has not released target production numbers for its new sedan, but says the new car will have 310 to 434 miles of electric range. Two figures that precise could indicate the car will have two battery options.

The company also said the car will have "the highest-level autonomous driving system in the world," which it will source from Bosch.

Bosch is planning to launch a self-driving taxi service in Silicon Valley in partnership with Daimler as early as next year.

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Among its few claims made public, Gyon said that its as-yet-unnamed car will accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.0 seconds. That's a quick number, but not a breakthrough for a premium electric car. That may indicate that the car will be more focused on luxury than performance.

Gyon will join the ranks of Faraday Future, Byton, and SF motors in the boutique, ultra-luxury electric-far field.