Mitsubishi is introducing two new concept vehicles at the 41st Tokyo Motor show this month but of the two, it's only for the i-MiEV CARGO that the company is actually taking orders.  Both concepts, the PX-MiEV hybrid crossover, and the  i-MiEV CARGO are derived from the company's i-MiEV electric vehicle  (on sale in 2010), but while the crossover concept adds some perhaps still partially-theoretical hybrid technology and a variety of gee-whiz techno goodies that may or may not eventually be incorporated in a production vehicle, the i-MiEV CARGO simply takes the production-ready MiEV and adds a square cargo-box, rather suggesting that little or no further work needs to occur before it could be for sale.

With its 5'-5" wide, 3'-8" tall  box, the i-MiEV CARGO is obviously suitable for a variety of commercial purposes, particularly in larger cities in which pollution is increasingly regulated.   Although industry figures continue to disagree about the level of demand we will see for full electric vehicles, this appears to be one EV with undeniable market potential.  Which is no doubt the reason the company is already taking pre-orders for possible delivery in April, 2010.