electric racing

  • 2018 Formula-E race finish, Brooklyn, NY

    Electric cars are showing up at races from mountaintops to drag strips to New York harbor. The cars are quiet—and fast. Yet the series don't seem to have taken race fans by storm. READ THIS: Volkswagen's ID R Pikes Peak race car shows why you should care about electric car racing Two challenges stand out as reasons that electric racing hasn't yet captured the public's imagination. One is that a lot of fans have historically gone to the races to hear the roar of gas engines or to see flames spit from tailpipes. The other is that people buy electric cars today mainly for environmental...

  • The WarpFactor II Camaro. Image: Lithiumaniacs
    A Ten-Second Camaro Promotes Electric Drag Racing

    The performance characteristics of electric motors make them ideal for drag racing, and one man is out to establish electric drag racing as a legitimate sport.

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