The EPA rates the Tesla Model 3 Performance variant. Formula E closes out the final season featuring a two-car strategy. Solar investments tumble amid the trade war. And automakers ramp up efforts to reuse electric-car batteries. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

EPA MPGe figures are in for performance version of the Tesla Model 3, and free Supercharging referrals get an extension.

Formula E closed out its final season featuring a two-car strategy at the New York City ePrix. Next season, teams will run one car with a bigger battery, based on the second-generation racer.

Solar investments have dropped by 19 percent in the second quarter as a trade war erupts between the United States and China, but the numbers may not be entirely what they seem.

Automakers are working to find new ways to reuse electric-car batteries as used batteries begin to flood the market.

The Volkswagen ID R electric racer claimed the electric-car record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb.

Finally, the NHTSA doesn't believe self-driving cars are in need of regulation at present.


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