Ford has revealed precious few details about its new 300-mile range electric SUV, tentatively slated to be called the Mach 1.

Now Autocar magazine in Britain has reported one more important detail: The Mustang-like crossover vehicle will be based on Ford's new C2 platform that it will share with the upcoming redesigned Escape, which is called the Kuga in the U.K.

That means it will not be based on the new separate platform for electric cars that Ford discussed at a future product briefing in Detroit earlier this year, but will save cost by sharing a good portion of its engineering with another popular model. 

Ford's future product planning

Ford's future product planning

At the product briefing, Ford said the Mach 1—or whatever it will be called—will deliver impressive on-road performance and high-speed off-road capability inspired by the company's F-150 Raptor when it rolls out in 2020.

Reports have indicated it will have a fastback design, which sounds more like a BMW X6 or a Tesla Model X than an Explorer. An executive at the briefing said the car will "seat plenty of people," however many that means.

Ford executives have floated the Mach 1 name, but have said that they're not committed to it if fans of the original hot-rod Mustang object too strenuously.

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The redesigned Escape is larger than the existing model, which could give the Mach 1 room for a small third-row seat. 

The electric SUV goes along with Ford's plan to launch 24 new hybrid and plug-in hybrid models in the next five years—including a hybrid version of the Mustang along with five trucks and SUVs.