Tesla is continuing to expand its network of Superchargers rapidly as the Model 3 electric car rolls out. The EPA inspector general believes more can be done to improve emission testing. Bitcoin mining may use more electricity than all electric cars put together. And the Shell Starship semi truck has set off for its fuel-economy record run. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

Since the beginning of 2018, Tesla has added 112 new Supercharger stations. The company will continue to add new stations as Model 3 production ramps up.

The EPA's office of the inspector general says more can be done to improve emission testing. The department has made changes since the Volkswagen diesel scandal, but it could still do more, according to the Inspector General's report.

Bitcoin mining uses a lot of energy. A new report details how the process uses more electricity than every single electric car currently on the road.

The Shell Starship semi truck has shoved off on its journey to set a new fuel-economy record. The truck departed San Diego, California, last Thursday, and should arrive in Jacksonville, Florida, next week.

Chevrolet announced a new turbo-4 engine for its full-size pickup truck, the 2019 Silverado.

Finally, Ford has added access to the Waze real-time traffic app to its Sync system for 2018—but only for iPhone users. Owners of older Fords with Sync can enable the app with an update.


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