Today, the Jaguar I-Pace shows how electric cars can lead to new designs, Daimler said Smart will be all-electric by 2020, owners of 2018 Nissan Leafs spot fast-charging problems, and the EPA refutes 1,217 pages of its own scientific analysis with 38 pages of completely different conclusions. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

With its new electric I-Pace crossover, Jaguar shows how an electric car can be sleek, yet roomier than traditional car designs.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told shareholders that its tiny city-car brand will sell only electric cars starting in 2020.

The 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric's "Unlimited+" subscription plan is a little more limited and costs up to $90 a month more this year.

Owners of new 2018 Nissan Leafs may like the range, but are frustrated by Nissan's efforts to slow fast charging to preserve battery life.

The EPA has added 38 pages of justification to counter its Technical Assessment report, consisting 1,217 pages of scientific analysis; those 38 pages kick off the process of ending emission limits on 2022 through 2025 vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz launches its own subscription program to match BMW, and adds an electric S-Class.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin has dropped plans for an electric version of its future SUV