Today, we've got last month's sales numbers for plug-in electric cars (and a possible obituary for monthly sales data), a broken promise from Tesla on Model 3 production, and our latest Twitter poll. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Our latest Twitter poll asks our followers whether they think electric cars will come faster or slower than expected; vote now!

Tesla squeaked 2,020 Model 3s out the door of its Fremont assembly plant over the last seven days; it also reported new highs for production and delivery of its various electric-car models.

Monthly sales data may become an endangered species, but the Toyota Prius Prime delivered some truly remarkable March sales numbers.

There will never be an all-electric Porsche 911, says the company's CEO ... but it could happen for the smaller 718 line (nee Boxster and Cayman).

Finally, as expected, the EPA led by climate-science denier Scott Pruitt said it will start the process to roll back the Obama administration's emission limits, calling them "unnecessary."