Today, we've got cheaper fast-charging for longer, last month's plug-in vehicle sales numbers, a few hints of Dyson's future electric cars, and no news at all on a hybrid crossover utility vehicle for the U.S. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

You may know Dyson for its high-tech vacuum cleaners or hand-washing driers, but it has plans for three electric cars starting in 2020, and we now know a bit more about them.

The EVgo fast-charging network announced new, simpler, lower prices with longer charging sessions, though they vary by state.

The Honda CR-V Hybrid will go on sale in Europe (as well as Japan and China), but still no word on North America and whether we're going to get the hybrid compact crossover too.

Our monthly plug-in electric car sales roundup shows somewhat better numbers last month than in the depths of January.

The NHTSA has finally issued rules for quiet cars (meaning hybrids and electrics), but it also delayed the date they must all be fitted with noise-making devices by yet another year.

Self-driving cars on California roads still need a driver in case of emergency, but now that driver may be located somewhere else entirely than inside the car.

Finally, a video from Volkswagen explains the steps to full automation for self-driving cars, including the ID Vizzion concept it will unveil next week at the Geneva auto show.