Today, we ended up with a slew of diesel stories, from fake science at a university to a court decision letting German cities ban the oldest and dirtiest diesel vehicles. Also, hybrid and plug-in hybrid Ford F-Series pickup trucks and a Twitter poll on electric-car charging. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

If you have an electric car, we'd like you to take our Twitter poll on what kind of power you use to charge it at home.

Ford doesn't offer an F-250 Super Duty hybrid or an F-150 plug-in hybrid, but now XL Hybrids offers upfit kits for both types.

A study that said old diesel engines with no emission controls emitted no more pollutants than brand-new ones has now been disavowed by the university that created it; Scott Pruitt's EPA now claims it wasn't a factor when axing a rule limiting those emissions.

Ironically, our very next news story reported that German courts will allow individual cities to ban older, dirtier diesel vehicles to cut air pollution.

A lawsuit from a VW diesel owner who didn't take part in the mass settlement was quietly settled just before it went to trial; neither side will discuss the terms.

Finally, it reduces energy use—for a very specific reason—but while you can't buy it, Mercedes-Benz created an engine with 50-percent thermal efficiency. It's for racing.