Today, we've got bad news from our capitol (again), an electric Harley Davidson on the way, an explanation of which carmakers may lose income-tax credits for electric-car sales, and a January plug-in car sales report. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

For the first time since modern electric cars went on sale seven years ago, two makers face expiration of their federal income-tax credits for purchase of a plug-in car. We explain how the rules work, and who's getting close.

If a marketer told you about "healthy delicious cyanide," what would you think? President Trump wants to slash renewable-energy funds by 72 percent, but lauded "beautiful clean coal" in his State of the Union speech.

Within 18 months, Harley Davidson will offer an electric motorcycle to appeal to new and younger riders beyond its dwindling traditional market.

January sales of plug-in electric cars fell after the usual December push to blow out year-end numbers.

What does a self-driving car for "last-mile deliveries" look like? Some ex-Google engineers have shown us.

Finally, Driver's Education—a familiar high-school ritual for many of us—is increasingly available only to wealthier Americans. What does that mean for road safety?