Today, sales reports are coming in for last year—electric cars did well—and we explain why auto-company whining is nothing new. Also, fossil fuels aren't the only source of climate chance, and we look at plug-in car insurance rates. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Delivery reports for December, and hence all of last year, started appearing this morning, and plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. will set a new record for the year.

Much of climate change is due to human combustion of fossil fuels, but not all of it: grazing and so-called forest management turn out to matter a lot, in addition to overall deforestation.

Automakers may succeed in getting the Trump Administration to freeze, modify, even roll back fuel-economy standards, but it's nothing new: the industry has acted like Chicken Little for more than 50 years.

Electric cars have some of the lowest insurance-claim rates in the business. Also some of the highest. We explain how and why.

The country's electric grid is still holding up just fine against electric cars. They're not crashing the grid. Again.

Finally, should your car be able to know what you're thinking? Nissan is developing technology to do just that.


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