Today, more orders for the Tesla Semi, an opinion on how many charging stations are enough, EPA laxity, biofuels unhappiness, and news on the plug-in electric car income-tax credit. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Pepsi added itself to the list of companies that have reserved all-electric Tesla Semi trucks, with the largest single order to date.

The CEO of ChargePoint suggests that the U.S. now has enough electric-car charging stations in cities; highways, he says, are the remaining challenge.

Under the Trump Administration, the EPA has enforced fewer laws and given polluters more leeway.

This seems to be a plug-in hybrid week, so we've got a new Twitter poll asking our followers which one of four plug-in hybrid models they'd buy.

The latest resolution to the ongoing battle over biofuels in gasoline seems to have left all parties equally unhappy. That may be the best compromise.

Whlie the Congressional attempt to reform the tax code proceeds apace, 22 mayors signed a letter urging retention of the electric-car tax credit, citing energy security and jobs.

If you want to see a Renault Zoe electric car in Boston, the self-driving car company nuTonomy is giving rides in several of them.

Finally, mobile phone apps are actually changing the way traffic engineers design roadways. Hmmmmmmmm.


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