Today, we have a bit of a Tesla puzzle, a name for BMW's electric SUV, Leafs coming off the lines, and a Twitter poll on alternative fuels. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The long-awaited Tesla Model 3 is still in the future for all but a few reservation-holders, but one reader has now configured his Model 3, and told us how it went.

You don't hear the phrase "alternative fuels" so much any more, so our latest Twitter poll asks which of them will survive over the long term—including a "none of the above" answer.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf will start appearing at dealers in January, because production began in Tennessee yesterday. Also, its range is now "150 miles or more" ... hmmmmmm.

Fiat Chrysler wants to partner with Hyundai on hydrogen fuel-cell technology for (some of) its green cars of the future.

An all-electric BMW X3 crossover utility vehicle has already been confirmed by executives, but now we know it will carry the BMW iX3 label, and more "iX" models may be on the way.

We've got some late updates to our November plug-in electric car sales report for the U.S.

Tesla's claims about battery energy, range, and size have created some puzzled questions among industry analysts and battery specialists.

We wrote last month about the very fast European Ionity electric-car fast-charging network, and now the project has expanded: Shell has joined the group backing it.

Finally, whether you use ride-sharing services or not, you may have heard about Uber's troubles—which turn out to have given rival Lyft a lift.


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