Today, the sad story and lessons learned from the Better Place failure, subscription services and electric cars, some surprising survey results, and another all-electric semi truck concept. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler makes trucks. A lot of trucks. Now it's launched E-Fuso, an electrified line of its Fuso brand, with an all-electric semi truck concept.

Will the U.S. ban sales of cars with gasoline or diesel engines? Ever? We asked our Twitter followers that question, and have their guesses on when it could happen. They're not optimistic.

Could automotive subscription services be one way to boost adoption of electric cars? Some car companies think so.

A new book details the long, sad story of Better Place in Israel, and its charismatic, uncompromising founder Shai Agassi. Our correspondent, who was a member, weighs in.

Tesla has installed solar panels at a hospital in storm-devastated Puerto Rico, with more to come.

Finally, chipmaker Nvidia says self-driving cars are just four years away. We're skeptical, at least for Level Five autonomy.


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