Today, we've got news from the Tokyo Motor Show press days, including a new Nissan electric crossover concept and a Toyota luxury fuel-cell car, plus bad news for Tesla Model 3 buyers and a bill before Congress to allow emission-defeat devices. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The Tokyo Motor Show's press days started today, and you can get updates on all the concept cars and production vehicles at the show on our Tokyo auto show news page.

One of the more important vehicles unveiled today was the Nissan IMx electric crossover utility concept, which previews a new electric-car platform and signals an upcoming product.

A new act pending in Congress would legalize emission-defeat devices for race cars. Which would never be used on the street. Supposedly.

Yesterday we wrote that the "death of the internal combustion engine" had become a thing, so today our new Twitter poll asks, when could that happen in the U.S.?

The Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept is a high-luxury version of a hydrogen fuel-cell car that also debuts today at the Tokyo show. It's ... ummmmmm ... different.

Remember Elon Musk said Tesla Model 3 owners would get at least some free use of the Supercharger fast-charging network? Apparently they won't.

Also at Tokyo, Mazda previewed its next Mazda 3 compact hatchback with the Kai technology concept.

Finally, it appears new-car dealerships aren't as profitable as they used to be. We have no comment whatsoever on that.


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